March 4-6, 2016 -- Another gay log in the GOP presidential "log cabin"

publication date: Mar 4, 2016
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March 4-6, 2016 -- Another gay log in the GOP presidential "log cabin"

Multiple inside sources in the Republican Party and the Ohio capital Columbus have confirmed that GOP presidential hopeful and Ohio Governor John Kasich has, like Florida senator Marco Rubio, engaged in homosexual liaisons while outwardly maintaining a straight, family-oriented life style.

Kasich generally supports the concept of traditional marriage but supports the US Supreme Court's decision that effectively legalized gay marriage.

The Ohio governor divorced his first wife, Mary Lee Griffith in 1980 after a four-year childless marriage. In 1989, Kasich met Ohio State University public relations representative Karen Waldbillig, who he married in 1997. She and Kasich have two daughters.

Kasich came to the attention of the GOP hierarchy in 1976 while working for the Ronald Reagan presidential campaign. Kasich was kicked out of the campaign after it was discovered that he was not only using marijuana but selling it to Reagan campaign field volunteers. Kasich was first elected to the US House of Representatives of 1982 with the support of Rev. Sun Myung Moon's CIA-connected Unification Church.

During his 1992 re-election campaign, Columbus area Moonies were under investigation by the Columbus Police intelligence division for committing dirty tricks crimes against Democratic candidate Robert Fitrakis. The police discovered that pro-Kasich Moonies broke into Fitrakis's home and stole computers, campaign donation checks, and even his car.

Kasich was raised Roman Catholic but converted to the Anglican Church, the anti-gay breakaway sect from the Episcopalian Church.

Kasich's bachelor life as a congressman came to the attention of Time magazine, which in its October 14, 1996 issue, broached the subject of Kasich's possible homosexuality a year before the Ohio Republican married his current wife. In an article titled "The Baiting Game," Karen Tumulty wrote, "F
or almost 14 years it had passed without comment that the local Congressman, John Kasich, the powerful chairman of the House Budget Committee, stretches his paycheck by sharing a Virginia town house for the two or three nights a week that Congress is in session. His housemate? His male chief of staff. Last month Cynthia Ruccia, Kasich's Democratic challenger, called for a Justice Department investigation of what she said was 'a serious appearance of impropriety' because Kasich, who is divorced, lived with someone whose government salary he controls."

The male chief of staff was Don Thibaut. Kasich and Thibaut were best friends while Kasich served in the Ohio Senate from 1979 to 1982. Thibaut followed Kasich to Washington and Kasich named Thibaut, who was single, his chief of staff. Although they maintained separate residences in the Columbus area, the two shared a townhouse in Virginia. The Advocate, a gay-oriented magazine, reported in its November 12, 1996 issue that Thibaut received an annual salary of $108,000, considered unusually high for a chief of staff.

Left-to-right: Karen Kasich, their two daughters, and Governor Kasich. What appears to be a normal happy family may be a bearded ruse similar to that of Marco Rubio and his family of Jeanette Desdoubes Rubio and their four children.

Ruccia was criticized for questioning Kasich's relationship with Thibaut. Her spokesman, Jeffrey Fanger, told The Advocate, "It does look like we're not allowed to talk about anybody if they might be gay."

Today, Thibaut uses his close relationship with Kasich to advance his Columbus lobbying business, the Credo Company. Credo clients, including the private prison firm CCA, have made out well. In 2011, Ohio sold off one of its prisons to CCA.

Stepping down from Congress in 2000, Kasich served as a managing director of Lehman Brothers from 2001 to 2008. Lehman Brothers collapsed during the Wall Street meltdown on 2007-2008. In 2010, Kasich was elected governor of Ohio.

Kasich's former staffer Pat Tiberi inherited Kasich's House seat, with Kasich's support. Our Columbus sources report that Kasich and Tiberi have a very close relationship.

Today, Kasich maintains his residence in the wealthy Columbus suburb of Westerville where he officially lives with his wife and daughters. Our Columbus sources report that Kasich occasionally uses the Governor's Mansion for gay liaisons. As far as Karen Kasich is concerned, there have been reports that she has often flown into violent rages in the Governor's Mansion with historic stained glassed windows in the mansion suffering from her tantrums.

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