April 22, 2017 -- WMR under denial of service attack

publication date: Apr 22, 2017
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If you are able to read this, WMR has been under a concerted and consistent denial of service attack for over 24 hours. The techs have been notified but the weekend may delay restoration of normal service. The attack either returns Error 403 messages, not authorized to access, or a garbled webpage. The attacks resemble radio jamming during the Cold War. SysAdmin has no capability to update website in natural text since the program now defaults to html code, for which the editor cannot write intelligible news stories or updates. The techs have been notified. Please bear with us. This is the second time in 2 weeks we've had this problem, but this time it appears to be much worse.

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Susan Stark (Pleasant Hill)
Susan Stark (Pleasant Hill)
incog99 (Oceanside)
incog99 (Oceanside)
Meremark (Ecotopia)
Meremark (Ecotopia)
bluedogs (olympia)
Evelyn (. .)
don draper (healdsburg)
Mark (Mountains)
Deckard (Turtle Island)
Deckard (Turtle Island)
friendly (SermonOnTheMount)
Chemtrail Breather (Hicksville)
NDR NYC (Commerce)

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