August 10-11, 2020 -- Hezbollah's theory about the Beirut explosions

publication date: Aug 10, 2020
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August 10-11, 2020 -- Hezbollah's theory about the Beirut explosions


In devastated Beirut, as all over the Middle East, there are as many theories about the recent cataclysmic port explosion as there are grains of sand in the desert. The following, translated from French by WMR, is another plus a warning:

Hezbollah response: Beirut destroyed, Haifa will escape?

A new "weapon," in the stockpile of the United States and whose use against Lebanon and hence the Lebanese Resistance would have been decided last week by the cynical General Milley, the U.S. Chief of Staff, while he was on a hasty visit to Israel, has frozen the attacker in fear over an unpredictable but irreversible response from Hezbollah. The mega-destruction caused by their weapon can be turned against its creator.

In fact for two months, explosions followed by fires have been increasing across the Middle East: the case of Natanz in central Iran with the explosion followed by the fire, which damaged the uranium enrichment units, to the double explosion in Beirut on August 4, in addition to the huge fire that broke out in a trade center in the United Arab Emirates [Ajman] on Wednesday, and a wheat silo fire in Najaf [Iraq], proves that the driving force was more than a coincidence.

Some unofficial sources have mentioned a "MOAB" bomb, the most powerful non-nuclear bomb that the Americans tested for the first time in 2017, in the "pure tradition of the genocidal Yankee" in Nangarhar in Afghanistan under the pretext of having to bring down Daesh [ISIS] that they are still supporting in 2020 from their bases in al-Tanf in Syria or Aïn al-Asad in Iraq. Others are betting on EMP (electromagnetic pulse) targeting Depot 12 in the port of Beirut, curiously filled with ammonium nitrate and TNT at the time of the event, the targeting of which would have caused short circuits resulting in explosions and fires.

But there is a third analysis which, based on the particularly incredible cloud of smoke produced by the second explosion in Beirut, goes so far as to evoke the use of a "nuclear imitation weapon". Absorbed by his quarrels with the Pentagon, Donald Trump also admitted that a "terrible attack had taken place in Beirut" before restating the same on Wednesday evening, after being challenged by the generals of the U.S. Army.

In Beirut, the explosion caused an earthquake, felt 200 kilometers away, at a magnitude of 3.5 on the Richter scale, according to the German Geoscience Center (GFZ). And it is this vibration and not the blast of the explosion that is said to have destroyed many parts of the city. It also caused a giant wave and lifted some cars at the port, not pushing the water and vehicles sideways, but as if they had been thrust by the sea in the immediate site of the disaster.

These findings, therefore, make the media discourse very ridiculous, as advanced immediately after the double explosion in Riyadh and Tel Aviv, that ammonium nitrate accumulated in Depot 12 would be the cause of two explosions. This substance certainly accelerated it, but it served above all as a cover for the use of this American weapon of which Milley promised the Zionist Aviv Kochavi [Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces] to use while asking the Israeli staff for the data necessary to conduct to the "Beirut operation."

Recall that 48 hours before the double explosion, the Syrian-Lebanese coast continued to be surveilled by four super U.S. spy planes (EP-3, P-8), according to the published maps issued by specialized agencies, which confirms that the exact location of the explosion had been previously pinpointed.

But this "dirty" operation was intended to plunge Lebanon into the abyss, to create a clever parallelism in the minds of every Lebanese, combining on the one hand, the lethal storage of the explosive and on the other, the missile warehouses of Hezbollah. All this as a prelude to the disarmament of the Resistance. Will it work?

To read DEBKAfile, a site close to the intelligence of the Zionist army, the answer is in the affirmative. This was, moreover, the first objective of the diabolical "Operation Beirut" which has resulted in 135 dead, 5,000 wounded, dozens of missing and 300,000 displaced, that is to say, a masterpiece of crime compared to what the US/Israel axis could do in ten years of world war in Syria. DEBKAfile writes:

Hezbollah, which has certain capabilities, will keep its head down for fear of being accused for its huge stocks of missiles and weapons supplied by Iran that Nasrallah has hidden in different parts of the country. Certainly, now is not the time for Hezbollah to execute its threat to punish Israel, which killed one of its fighters. Moreover, an influx of foreign aid funds to the Lebanese government is likely to exacerbate the bitter quarrels between the three "sects" that govern Lebanon and in particular to further deepen the rift between Shiite Hezbollah and Maronite Christians. . ."

The US-Israel axis, therefore, sought by creating the third largest explosion in history (after that of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, also carried out by the USA) to obtain three things: that Hezbollah renounce any response, that it be urged by the Lebanese themselves to be disarmed and that its active and effective alliance with the Christians of Lebanon be destroyed, in short that it be stripped of all of its power. 

But one observation and a few reminders are in order:

To achieve these objectives, the US/Israel axis was forced to get out of the routine, to go beyond its classic pressure levers that it took decades to build, war and economic sanction, the dual-shock that has brought any adversary to its knees, and which did not work against Hezbollah, and cause an almost atomic explosion in order to hope for a change in the situation. This is a mega admission of failure. Therefore, "Operation Beirut", although spectacular, has major flaws and not the least of which risks changing the joy of Israel into further fear. How? 'Or' What?

Not long ago, Hezbollah proposed a "turn to the east" in Lebanon so that the country could regain its sovereignty and break the US/NATO sanction-restriction circle. The proposal sparked an earthquake in the Western camp and dismay from pro-Western currents in Lebanon. By reducing to rubble a third of the strategic port of Beirut, the West has opened the Lebanese doors wide to China, since it is sure and certain that the West will neither lift the sanctions nor release the funds to help Lebanon. But there is more. Hezbollah has always promised responses commensurate with the attacks it undergoes: until August 4, 2020, it was only a question of avenging the blood of fighter Ali Kamel Mohsen, killed on July 21 in southern Damascus, henceforth, it is a question of avenging the blood of the hundreds of "Kamel Mohsens," Sunnis, Shiites and Christians, savagely massacred by a US/Israel axis which has crossed all limits ... The response to come will, therefore, go well beyond surgical operations. Haifa, and not only it, will look like Beirut post-August 4 ...


Apparently, Israel received the message from Hezbollah loud and clear. The day after the Beirut
catastrophe, Israel's i24News reported the following: "In the wake of Tuesday's twin blasts that destroyed Beirut's main port and left at least 100 people dead, Israeli politicians are demanding that precautions are taken in the northern city of Haifa to avoid a similar disaster in the future. 

'We need to remove the dangerous chemicals from the Haifa bay,' said Likud MK Gila Gamliel told Israeli media on Wednesday. 'The plan is to remove the [chemicals] within five years and then another five years to clean the area.'

For years, security experts have warned that Haifa remains one of the most vulnerable cities in Israel for enemy attacks due to its high concentration of chemical processing facilities in the city. 

'Anyone who sees the disaster in Beirut should understand that it can happen here too, in Haifa Bay - we have huge fuel tanks, a bromine and ammonia reservoir, albeit not in a tank, but in dozens of trucks in the bay,' Eli Levi, a writer for Channel 13, told 103FM. 

According to The Jerusalem Post, citing the Haifa Environmental Research Center, there are '1,500 aggregate risk areas and 800 types of dangerous chemicals in the Haifa Bay in factories right next to our bedrooms.'

The center goes on to note that 'factories and hazardous materials facilities in Haifa will be damaged in an emergency - as a factual determination'

'The incident in Lebanon illustrates the danger of a concentration of hazardous materials near a dense population and pushes the urgent need to close flammable and explosive industries,' it added. 

In 2016, Hassan Nasrallah, head of the Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah, threatened to hit one of Haifa's ammonia storage facilities, leading Israeli officials to remove 12,000 tons of ammonia from the area. 

'This would be exactly like a nuclear bomb, and we can say that Lebanon today has a nuclear bomb, seeing as any rocket that might hit these tanks is capable of creating a nuclear bomb effect,' said Nasrallah, at the time.

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