publication date: Jul 18, 2020
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Iraqi Kurdistan reports 245 new coronavirus cases, 11 deaths: ministry
Kurd Net
Prince Albert of Monaco's Daughter 'Grateful to Be Alive' After Coronavirus Diagnosis
Bahamas Closes Borders To U.S. Commercial Flights
'Untrue and unacceptable': WHO chief slams US accusation of bias
Al Jazeera
Telangana officials say virus widely spread at community level
Indian Express
Jordan's Prime Minister Says His Country Contained COVID-19 By 'Helping The Weakest'
New England Public Media
California, Florida report record numbers of daily deaths
The Hill
Bolivia delays presidential election due to pandemic
Associated Press
Mexico's president says COVID-19 infected cousin's husband and son died from the ravaging bug
Mail Online
Nicola Sturgeon accuses Boris Johnson of using coronavirus as a 'political weapon'
i News
'Timing is not right': Trump calls off Republican convention in Florida over coronavirus
Sky News
Ohio county fair tied to 22 coronavirus cases, with more fairs still to come
NBC News
U.S. hits 4 million coronavirus cases
CBS News

Florida Rep. Donna Shalala: "I'm terrified for the first time in my career" Axios
Wilbur Ross hospitalized for 'minor, non-coronavirus related issues' UPI
Illinois reports 965 new COVID-19 cases
Five U.S. Navy teams deploy to Rio Grande Valley, other Texas coronavirus hot spots
The Texas Tribune
Coronavirus: Orange County reports 415 new cases as of July 19
Orange County Register
Florida records another 12,478 covid-19 cases and 89 new deaths
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
US golf legend Jack Nicklaus and his wife, both 80, tested positive for coronavirus early in pandemic TVNZ
Netanyahu's Graft Trial Resumes Amid Israeli Virus Anger NECN, New England
Syrians vote for new parliament amid measures against virus
KTAR.com, Arizona
The Queen Reported to Move to Balmoral Town & Country Magazine
Dr Birx told President Trump in April that the coronavirus would soon be gone and influenced…
Business Insider
US deaths top 140,000 amid rising worries about data integrity, racial disparities
Beshear reports 583 new COVID cases, 9 deaths; ‘it’s a dangerous time and we have to be careful’ Northern Kentucky Tribune
85 Infants COVID-19 positive in Texas as state records over 10,000 new case Newsweek
Worldwide coronavirus death toll reaches 600,000 as cases hit 14million Mirror.co.uk
Almost 500 people have died of COVID-19 in Orange County as cases approach 30,000
Los Angeles Times
Canada Says No To Home Games For Toronto Blue Jays
Three new Covid-19 cases announced in New Zealand TVNZ
Britain's longest-suffering coronavirus patient, 35, recovers after 130 DAYS in hospital Mail Online
Netanyahu to Remove Head of Knesset Coronavirus Committee Over Her Opposition to Government

Israeli police use water cannons on demonstrators around Benjamin Netanyahu's home Mail Online
China rushes medical team to Xinjiang after sudden spike in coronavirus cases India Today
Breathtaking coronavirus numbers show normal life still far away
Rouhani says 35 million Iranians may contract coronavirus
Why has the UK government stopped publishing daily coronavirus stats?
The Independent
UK scientists identify six strains of Covid-19
Pakistan Observer

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