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  • CalExit not a new thing. State has always sparked secessionist causes. It's a good thing that well-educated Californians never put their stock into a celebrity politician like Trump. Oh wait! Image result for schwarzenegger
  • UKIP's Farage and Trump meet in NYC. Is this the start of a new global alliance of the nationalist right? If so, a virtual "Night of the Long Knives" is needed to deal with spot-changing neocons.
  • Michael Hayden attacks Trump. Former CIA and NSA chief says Trump "doesn't fit into the intelligence picture." And that's a bad thing? Screw Hayden.
  • WMR's top 10 predictions for 2016 got one half-right. The Cubs did win the National League pennant, but we were firm believers in the curse of the goat. Others we got right: Hillary Clinton will be nominated for president at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia in July and the name Jeffrey Epstein will, once again, be on the front pages.
  • "Women of the CIA." Another puff piece on the CIA by its longtime house organ, Newsweek. Nothing in the rag about how the CIA killed an American woman on DC's Sheridan Circle in 1976.
  • Clinton campaign warns press against speculating on Clinton's health. NBC reporter told to "get a life." President Woodrow Wilson's wife, Edith Galt Wilson, told the press that her husband was suffering from "nervous exhaustion." In fact, he had a debilitating stroke. Galt warned the press then, and Clinton does it now. Nothing new in American politics and the press must stand firm.
  • Philly DA Seth Williams under probe for his Second Chance Foundation. Williams gave legal cover to PA state prosecutors implicated by former AG Kathleen Kane in helping to cover up the Jerry Sandusky pedophile ring at Penn State. Hmmm . . . Second Chance Foundation sounds an awful like Sandusky's Second Mile Foundation. If you have kids, make sure they're not alone in Pennsylvania.
  • Zagel to weigh early release of Blagojevich. It's doubtful the corrupt Judge James Zagel will grant an early release. Blago knows too much about Zagel's pal Rahm Emanuel, the Pritzkers, and the Zells. After all, those who "pray" together, "prey" together.
  • Fairfax, VA Mayor Scott Silverthorne busted in meth-for-gay sex ring. Silverthorne was an exemplar mayor in northern Virginia and a rising star for state Democrats, including vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine. Kaine, an alum of an all-boys Catholic prep school, is in a convenient political marriage with the daughter of ex-GOP Virginia Governor Linwood Holton. And there are reports that this meth/gay sex ring was not confined to northern Virginia politicians but also extended across the Potomac to the U.S. Congress. Has anyone seen Barney Fwank lately?
  • Silverthorne [left] with Kaine  [right]
  • Texit hopes boosted after Brexit. Also, new interest in Vexit for Vermont. It will never happen. The IRS will simply indict the leaders for tax evasion and the FBI will swoop in and arrest them.
  • Trump supports Israeli annexation of parts of West Bank. Trump also says nobody knows how many Palestinians there are. There are many more Palestinians than the number of micro-extensions in that orange thing on your head, Mr. Humpty Trumpty. WMR officially unendorses Drumpf as the GOP nominee.
  • Donald Trump Toilet Paper
  • A peek into a future jihadist cell in the Northwest Territories. Wait until the Saudi-funded imams and madrassas get a hold of this family and others. Conversion to Christianity and Sunday school for kids should be a minimum requirement for all Sunni migrants, exclusively, before they step foot into a Western nation.

  • Don't like where you're living? Become a Jew and emigrate to Israel. But you better be a special kind of "Jew." This is an Israeli tactic to repopulate the West Bank and Golan with Jews of any nature, but it has run afoul of Israel's conservative rabbinate.

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             -- "On an earlier trip through Latin America, I became familiar with the hopes and burdens which characterize this tide of Latin nationalism. Fidel Castro is part of the legacy of Bolivar, who led his men over the Andes Mountains, vowing 'war to the death' against Spanish rule, saying 'Where a goat can pass, so can an army.'

Castro is also part of the frustration of that earlier revolution which won its war against Spain but left largely untouched the indigenous feudal order. 'To serve a revolution is to plow the sea,' Bolívar said in despair as he lived to see the failure of his efforts at social reform."
                             -- John F. Kennedy, San Juan, Dec. 15, 1958
  • U.S. Mormon missionary and his wife being held as spies in Venezuela. Jason Holt and wife had more than copies of the "Book of Mormon" in their apartment: one AK-47 assault rifle, one hand grenade, one knock-off version of the M4 assault rifle, and multiple passports, in other words, everything necessary to convert the unwashed masses to the CIA's "favorite religion." 
  • Credit rating of Barbados lowered. Same has occurred with Puerto Rico and Turkey. These decisions are made by coweled shifty-eyed vipers meeting in secret on Wall Street.

  • Guyana poultry suddenly dropping dead. Asking the U.S. for help is like the chickens asking for help from foxes. Guyana ought to ask Washington what bugs from Detrick missed their targets in neighboring Venezuela.
  • Macri regime freezes Cristina Fernandez's assets. Just like with Dilma in Brazil, the right-wing thugs installed by the CIA in Buenos Aires and Brasilia are sexist pigs (Macri and Temer). John Brennan, the Wahhabist, hates progressive women, especially those with power.
  • Rousseff found innocent by Brazilian Senate. But the CIA coup government continues in power. Perhaps Russia and China can send a joint military force to kick the CIA coup plotters out of power in the BRICS nation and send a warning to the CIA that its involvement in Latin American affairs will not be tolerated by the civilized nations of the world.
  • OAS backs Venezuela. OAS considers action against its own Secretary General, the US stooge Luis Almagro.
  • Rousseff not invited to Olympics by fascist usurper Temer. She may have to watch the games from afar through binoculars. The opening ceremonies should feature Temer and his bankers being drawn and quartered along with the CIA station chief in Brasilia. Now that would be an Olympiad to remember!
  • Russian ambassador assassin was off-duty riot cop. Since killer Mevlut Mert Altıntas was shot dead, Erdogan's stooges, including the government-controlled press, tries to lay blame on Fethulleh Gulen. One problem with that story, Gulen opposes Turkish involvement in Syrian civil war on behalf of jihadists. Altintas yelling "Don't forget Aleppo!" sounds more like an Erdogan-ISIL-CIA hit, courtesy of Sheikh John Brennan.
  • Putin draining his own swamp. Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev charged in $2 million bribery scheme. Ulyukayev is also linked to Western banking interests.
  • Dueling NATO and Russian drills in Balkans. NATO troops 150 miles away from Russian and Belarusian troops in Serbia. NATO so desperately wants its war with Russia. Hopefully, NATO SecGen Stoltenberg will be the first to get his globalist ass obliterated.
  • Sorosites protest in Skopje. They can't wait for the election in two months but want to overthrow the government from the streets. This themed revolt can be called the "Flare Revolution" because protesters are lighting dangerous flares -- "Soros cocktails" -- around government buildings.
  • Migrants torch their camp on Lesbos. Since these undesirables are on Lesbos, it wouldn't take too much prodding to get Hillary to fly there and take them all into her houses in Chappaqua and DC.
  • U.S. told Gibraltar must remain British. Warning from neocon that Spanish control will invite Russian naval presence at "The Rock." Nothing ever changes at the Heritage Foundation, where there are Russians hiding everywhere.
  • Corsican town bans burkinis. Muslims are historically reviled in Corsica. The Corsican flag features the severed head of a North African Muslim. In Corsica, it was cool to stick a Muslim head on a Christian stake. Muslims might have thought about that before invading Corsica anew.
  • Hollande says Trump makes people want to retch. And so does Hollande's permissive attitude toward jihadis that just saw a priest's throat cut on an altar in Normandy. Hollande couldn't even satisfy Segolene Royal, how can he satisfy the French people?
  • Boris Johnson becomes British Foreign Secretary. Johnson once recited a crude limerick about Erdogan of Turkey. "There was a young fellow from Ankara/Who was a terrific wankerer./Till he sowed his wild oats/With the help of a goat/But he didn’t even stop to thankera."
  • Chilcot report proves Tony Blair is a liar. But his pal Bush is invited to speak at a memorial service for cops in Dallas and breaks out in a dance. How many Iraqi cops and other non-combatants did Bush kill? Get over yourself America, you've become such a disgusting and pathetic country.
  • ISIL attacks Istanbul airport. 41 dead. Some Turkish officials try to blame Kurdish PKK, which is nonsense since the PKK is not known to attack foreign targets and it keeps attacks focused on Turkish military and police targets.
  • Right-left coalition demands EU referendum in Denmark. It will be a happy day when all that's left of the EU is a Juncker drunk in a Luxembourg brasserie, a Tusk in a Polish prison, and a Merkel cleaning toilets in Hamburg. The EU is stunned, now is the time to go in for the kill.
  • New unity government formed in Lebanon. Led by Saad Hariri, it includes Hezbollah but not the right-wing Phalangists. Note that Trump's Middle East adviser Walid Phares is a right-wing Phalangist.

  • Iraq wants Saudi ambassador removed. Thamer al-Sabhan claimed Shia militia was trying to assassinate him. Former Saudi ambassador in Washington, now Foreign Minister, Adel al Jubeir also claimed Iranians were trying to kill him in DC. When a Saudi ambassador's lips are moving, you know he's lying.
  • Russia accused of chlorine gas attack in Syria. The only users of chlorine gas in Syria have been U.S.-supported jihadis. Russia: accused of hacking DNC computers, chlorine gas attacks, and next: the Lindbergh baby kidnapping and psoriasis. Cass Sunstein and his Irish washerwoman wench have been busy.
  • Syrian jihadis retake Latakia. ISIL thanks you Shaikh Brennan for those weapons "stolen" from your CIA in Jordan. When will America wake up to the fact that it has a jihadist Wahhabist as CIA director? Shaikh Brennan is so worried about being indicted, he said he plans to retire to Ireland after leaving his post. America should be celebrating its independence by having Brennan put in front of a firing squad outfitted in Continental Army gear.
  • Russian military plane crashes in Siberia. After Obama's threat to strike Russia in a cyber-attack, any airplane crash, train derailment, factory explosion, or other SCADA failure from now until January 20, 2017 can be suspected first as U.S. sabotage.
  • Armies mass on Myanmar-Bangladesh border. Bangladesh forces return fleeing Muslim Rohingya refugees. If the Rohingya would just reject Saudi Wahhabist interference, they wouldn't have it so rough in Buddhist Burma.
  • Pro-independence Hong Kong legislators silenced by China. If George Soros hadn't started his "Umbrella Revolution" in Hong Kong, China's stern hand would not have been felt in special region. This is a taste of the new Cold War that will be ramped up by President Hilary Clinton all over the world.
  • Malaysia and China sign defense pact. This follows defense agreements with the Philippines and Cambodia. As goes the Philippines and Cambodia, so goes Malaysia. Sorry Obama, your "pivot to Asia" has just ended up in your ass.

Same U.S. military crazy crap, different assholes: Blair and McNamara:

  • Orlando shooter's Florida-based father claims to be president of Afghanistan and is pro-Taliban. Seddique Mateen was one of the many mujaheddin that came over to the U.S. in the 80s, courtesy of Reagan. His son, Omar Mateen, worked for GS4, the former CIA- and FBI- linked Wackenhut. Just like Uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev, who was married to the daughter of Graham Fuller, the CIA's top liaison with the jihadis of Asia and the Middle East, Orlando, like the Boston Marathon, has CIA and FBI written all over it.
  • "Fake" U.S. embassy in Ghana issued real U.S. visas. State Dept. claims it doesn't know how the fake embassy "fraudulently obtained, legitimate U.S. visas.” It's called visa processing outsourcing and it's a problem all over the world and involves lucrative contracts given to the families of foreign national employees of U.S. embassies who run visa services.
  • Islamist terrorists kill Christians in Kenya. Here's a flag all Christians should display in the fight against ISIL and Wahhabism - the militant Greek Orthodox flag inscribed with "[Christian] Orthodoxy or Death!" Two can play at this game:
It's all smiles between Jammeh and his favorite Koran-babbling friend.
  • Civil war returns to South Sudan. This is Susan Rice's greatest "contribution" to Africa: a civil war. Having a PhD means nothing if one is a stupid woman who likes sleeping with African dictators. Great selection there, Obama!
  • U.S. troops in Gabon. Why? Gabon has oil. Honor America's military men and women today. Buy a tank of gas.
  • Australia to close Manus Island migrant center. Australia looking to send them elsewhere in Papua New Guinea. The South Pacific does not deserve or want actual or potential jihadis. "Pacific" means peace, keep it that way. "Build that barge!"
  • U.S. Supreme Court rejects American citizenship for American Samoans. It is the second pro-colonialist decision by the Supremes, coming after it ruled that Puerto Rico answers to the U.S. Congress and has limited sovereignty. The best Supreme Court money can buy. It's time for the Independent State of Eastern Samoa and the Republic of Puerto Rico.


"Feb. 1, 1986 (New York Times): A helicopter dropped a floral wreath into the sea off the Kennedy Space Center today, not far from where search ships continued to sweep for wreckage from the space shuttle Challenger. The ceremony at sea was part of a memorial service here for the seven crew members killed in the disaster. About a minute after the wreath fell to the ocean, a group of dolphins suddenly broke the green surface, leaping from the waters in near unison only yards from where the wreath bobbed slowly."

It's very telling that a group of real dolphins are able to show more respect for America's dead astronauts than some over-paid numbskulls can show for the victims of 9/11.
  • "Eccentric" dwarf planet discovered. Does the planet shop at Bloomingdale's and then have lunch at the Russian Tea Room before picking up its little white poodle at the pet salon?
  • China gears up alien signals-hunting telescope. Of course, the Pentagon is worried that the Chinese will beat it in making "first contact." And the Pentagon will be even more upset when the aliens place an order for egg rolls and General Tso's chicken.
  • Octopi have alien DNA. There are aliens among us and they are on many Greek restaurant menus. While the scientists are at it, cicadas, some with generation-long sleep cycles, can't be from Earth either.

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