United States

Navajo nation marks 150th anniversary of treaty with United States. The US has done everything possible to violate the treaty.
Trump withdraws from UN Human Rights Council. No different than Hitler withdrawing from the League of Nations.
Some Illinoisans seeking secession from Metro Chicago. Sounds like Trump goons are behind this ridiculous effort.
It's payback time. Joseph Siegelman, son of former Governor Don Siegelman -- politically prosecuted by GOP -- wins nomination for Attorney General of Alabama. So many Republican crooks, so little prison cells.
US Senator denied access to immigrant children detention center. What horrors may be taking place behind the gates and barbed wire?


Nine new parties on Ontario ballot. They include the Ontario Party and Consensus Ontario.

Canada pays back Trump. Canadians boycott US products, cancel US vacations. Florida citrus hit hard by boycott and tariffs.

Canadian House of Commons unanimously backs Trudeau against Trump's threats. Canadian parties united against Trump administration threats and ad hominem attacks.

Trump promises to punish the Canadian people. Hitler spoke like that about Poland and France.

Canadians outraged at Trump's comments about Trudeau. Canadians of all parties rally behind PM.

Ford stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Trudeau in showdown with Trump. Ontario Premier has supported Trump in the past.

Doug Ford, brother of Toronto's late crackhead mayor, elected Premier of Ontario. Which means that ignorant "white trash" is not merely confined to American voter rolls.

Latin America

Taiwan president to visit Paraguay. News follows reports of Beijing's outreach to Taiwan's last diplomatic ally in South America.

Right-wing narco-supported Ivan Duque elected president of Colombia. Duque favors violating the peace agreement with FARC.

Martinelli extradited from US to Panama. Will he spill beans on Trump's money laundering in Panama during corruption trial?

Cuba condemns OAS resolution suspending Venezuela. Four nations -- Venezuela, Saint Vincent, Dominica, and Bolivia -- voted against resolution. Belize, Grenada, Haiti, St Kitts-Nevis, St Lucia, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Ecuador, and Uruguay among abstentions.

Argentina cancels soccer match in Jerusalem. Argentine soccer team cites Israel's brutal suppression of Palestinian rights.

Mexico imposes tariffs on U.S. pork, apples, potatoes, bourbon, and cheeses. Trump and Republicans can say goodbye to Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Bolivia's Morales says U.S. uses OAS as stick against Venezuela. The OAS is a Monroe Doctrine contrivance.

Colombia grows closer to NATO. Venezuela seen as common target.

Caribbean Islands continue to rebuild after hurricanes. BVI, Dominica, and Barbuda recovering from catastrophic devastation.
Canary Islands President visits Cuba. There are historical ties between the Canaries and Cuba.
Corporate and income taxes raised in Barbados. Airport departure tax raised.
Trinidad looks to Australia to beef up maritime security. Questions raised over contracts.
Antigua rejects FedEx suspension of service to Cuba. PM issues statement of support for Cuban ambassador.
Dominican presidential candidate vows to move embassy to Israel. Ramfis Dominguez Trujillo, a dual US-Dominican citizen, is a grandson of dictator Rafael Trujillo. Right-wing dictators and Israel are natural allies as brutes and human rights violators.
Europe Macedonians protest potential name change. Soros's man Zoran Zaev says negotiations with Greece in final stages.
Two pro-Quisling far-right Progress Party Norwegian lawmakers nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize. That's because Adolf Hitler is dead.
Georgian PM Giorgi Kvirikashvili and his Cabinet resigns. Government was in conflict with President Bidzina Ivanishvili.
Juncker to Bavarian parliament: Trump called the former Luxembourg PM a "brutal killer." Trump confused Luxembourg with North Korea.
Basques push for independence from Spain. Basques form human chain.
Greece puts 8 Turkish defectors under guard. Greece protecting exiles from Erdogan kidnappers.
Macron says phone calls with Trump are similar to sausages. Best not to know what's inside of them.
German political leaders demand Berlin expel US ambassador. Richard Grenell openly backing far-right European political parties.
Israel joins NATO exercise in Europe for first time. "Saber Strike" exercise is aimed at Russia.
Anti-immigrant SDS party wins Slovenian election. Janez Jansa slated to become prime minister.
Middle East Assad to meet Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang. Timing of meeting could have impact on Trump-Kim summit in Singapore.
Russia holds official reception in Jerusalem. Another sell-out to the Palestinians.
Israel says it uncovered plot to kill Netanyahu. Too bad it didn't succeed.
Over 70 Syrian tribes declare war on U.S. Assad offers pact with Syrian Kurds.
Russia to supply Qatar with S-400 air defense system. Russia ignores Saudi threats of military retaliaton. Saudi Arabia's military force is largely composed of mercenaries.
Indian sub-continent Tribal violence in Meghalaya. Locals resent Punjabi settlers.
India slaps tariffs on US motorcycles, almonds, apples, and other products. Trump's trade war hits sub-continent.
India to buy Russian S-400 missile defense system. India faces sanctions retaliation from Trump's goon squad.
Central Asia New focus on Gilgit-Baltistan's status. Aspirant nation-state in midst of Chinese-Indian rivalry.
UAE increasing troop level in Afghanistan. Erik Prince's Reflex Responses mercs among them?
India and Pakistan to conduct first joint military drill in SCO exercise. Peace Mission 2018 to be held in Russia's Ural mountains.
East & Southeast Asia
Mattis threatens China over South China Sea. Just another Trump administration war monger spewing oral diarrhea.
U.S. opens "embassy" in Taiwan. China angered by violation of "one China" policy.
US claims US diplomats in China suffering from sonic attacks. This line of Trump bullshit didn't work in Cuba and won't work in China.
Africa Rwandan-Russian military relations grow closer. Rwanda may obtain Russian air defense system.
Lesotho voters want a more powerful king. See less elections.
Africa's dictators taxing Internet to stigle criticism. Digital secession under threat.
Ethiopia and Eritrea end border war. Addis recognizes Eritrean control of Badme.
Matabeleland demands secession. New country would be called the Mthwakazi Republic.
Polar & Remote Islands

Agreement between Canada, Greenland, and Denmark over Hans Island in offing. Boundary dispute at center of problem.

Faroes wants in on the Olympics. Corrupt IOC has a draconian policy of not allowing non-independent nations to join.

Faroes and Russia work on free trade agreement. Faroes cashing in on Norwegian sanctions against Russia.

Faroes wants to compete under its own flag in Olympics. Cites backing by Denmark for its cause.

Oceania Aborigines demand their flag to fly atop Sydney Harbor Bridge. Labor promises to take such action.
Third party emerges in Cook Islands. One Cook Islands Movement adopts libertarian anti-government platform.
Kanak party wants direct negotiations with France over decolonization process. Pro-independence front fractured, likely a result of DGSE provocations.
Final Frontier A new particle that "shouldn't exist" discovered. Sterile neutrino baffles scientists.
Hadron collider upgrade. More dangerous tinkering with parallel universes and black holes.
Massive Martian dust storm threatens rover Opportunity. Rover placed in sleep mode.
Organic molecules found on Mars. Evidence of life.
Meteor strikes Earth with little advance warning. Object crashed in Africa.

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