May 27-28, 2015 -- Neo-cons' next gambit: A "Greater Albania"

publication date: May 27, 2015
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May 27-28, 2015 -- Neo-cons' next gambit: A "Greater Albania"

The neo-conservatives, who continue to infest the Obama administration in the persons of Victoria Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State for European/Eurasian Affairs; Tom Malinkowski, the Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor;
Amos Hochstein, the Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs at the State Department, and others, not content with creating the bloody civil war in Ukraine, have now set their sights on creating a "Greater Albania" in the Balkans.

The Greater Albania concept is a direct result of then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright throwing the full weight of the United States behind the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), primarily because Albright engaged in repeated sexual trysts with the guerrilla group's chief, Hashim Thaci, the current deputy premier and foreign minister of Kosovo. Kosovo, a Serbian province, was carved out of Serbia and is the home of the largest U.S. military base in the region, Camp Bondsteel. U.S. troops provide protection to the Kosovo government, which earns its revenues from trafficking human organs to Israel, engaging in the child prostitution and the female sex slave trade within the Balkans and to countries ranging from Israel to the United Arab Emirates, smuggling stolen cars from Italy and other European countries, smuggling counterfeit cigarettes and narcotics into Western Europe, and serving as a black market bazaar for everything from weapons and child pornography to fake passports and counterfeit bank notes.

In an effort to toppled the democratically-elected government of Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski in a Ukrainian-style coup, the State Department neo-cons gave the green light to Kosovo for a joint invasion of the Albanian region of Macedonia by units of the supposedly outlawed KLA and Albanian-Macedonian terrorists of the National Liberation Army (NLA). The NLA wants to declare an independent Republic of Ilirida in western Macedonia and unite it with Kosovo and Albania to form a Greater Albania. Greater Albania would also encompass parts of Montenegro, a nation which has been virtually "bought" by Nathan Rothschild of the Zionist banking family.

The neo-con plans for Greater Albania are fully underway with the George Soros-financed network of NGOs in the region giving it their full support. Macedonian opposition leader Zoran Zaev, a paid stooge of the Soros network and an operative of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, recently urged all Macedonian children, who are 66 percent Slavs speaking Macedonian, to learn Albanian.

Nuland and CIA operative Zoran Zaev [left] urges all Macedonian children to learn Albanian in anticipation of Macedonia being swallowed up by "Greater Albania." Bodies of KLA terrorists welcomed in Pristina after they were killed in an invasion of Macedonia [right].

The Kosovo government, under the protective umbrella of NATO and the European Union welcomed to the Kosovo capital of Pristina the bodies of KLA terrorists killed in the Macedonian town of Kumanovo after invading the country from Kosovo. The dead terrorists were accorded a hero's welcome in Pristina with full military honors.

After a meeting between Gruevski and Zaev in Strasbourg, arranged by the European Parliament, the Slovenian Member of the European Parliament (MEP) intermediary,
Ivo Vajgl, warned of plans to create a Greater Albania. Referring to the recent clash between KLA/NLA forces and Macedonian police in Kumanovo, Vajgl told the Croatian newspaper Vecernji List, "Some of those people who participated in clashes in Kumanovo in – obviously – very professional terrorist action, fought in Syria and Iraq. They know with what idea they came to Kumanovo. And it is jihad and spreading radical Islam to the European continent. There may be other motives – a Greater Albania or connection to domestic political scene, although it is difficult to believe that anyone is willing to take responsibility for the deaths of eight police officers." Vajgl indicated that the Kosovo Albanian terrorists who attacked Macedonia had sought with Islamic jihadists in Syria and Iraq. Even more astounding is the fact that the Islamist terrorists could not have left and re-entered Kosovo after fighting for the Islamic caliphate without the knowledge of U.S. Army intelligence and the CIA, which are based in Camp Bondsteel. It was reported by Macedonian journalist Milenko Nedelkovski that four U.S. citizens were among the 14 KLA/NLA members killed in Kumanovo.

Suspiciously, Gruevski's plane was forced to land in Zurich after departing Strasbourg because of engine trouble. In 2004, Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski, who had just given U.S. mercenaries working for Military Professional Resources, Inc. (MPRI) (now L-3) their walking papers after they were caught supporting NLA and KLA guerrillas in his country, was killed in a plane crash en route to a conference in Mostar. Trajkovski was a member of the VMRO-DPMNE, the same political party of Gruevski and which now governs Macedonia in an coalition with the major Albanian party.
Retired French Colonel Jacques Ogar said that British troops fought with KLA terrorists who fought against the Serbs in Kosovo. Ogar said he defended ethnic Serbs from KLA attacks supported by British troops. Ogar said NATO commander General Wesley Clark authorized NATO support for KLA operations against the Serbs.

KLA terrorist leader and Albright toy boy Hashim Thaci [far left], with British General Michael Jackson [center] and General Wesley Clark [far right].

The neo-con plans for a Greater Albania actually match up perfectly with the plans of the CIA to destroy Yugoslavia during the early years of the Cold War.  A CIA Information Report, dated February 3, 1954, saw the Albanians as a "Trojan horse" to destabilize Yugoslavia, then led by Marshal Josip Broz Tito. The CIA report states: "There are now [Nov. 1953] nearly 400 thousand Albanians in present day Yugoslavia. They reside in Metohija, Kossovo [sic], Tetovo [in present day Macedonia] and other parts of Southern Serbia. Although they live among predominantly Serbian populations, they have been to a large degree assimilated. The friction which ensues between Yugoslavia and Albania over the so-called Macedonian territory which Albania claims plus the Albanian population resident in Yugoslavia is a constant bone of contention, always argued by Albania. Border incidents between the two countries are common occurrences because the Albanians drive Yugoslavian livestock back over the border, and numbers of Albanians try to move into Yugoslavia clandestinely, a matter which causes concern to the administration."

From livestock rustlers to international smugglers of children, women, and human organs, the Albanians have come full circle. And their designs do not end with Macedonia, Kosovo, and Montenegro. The CIA report from 1954 recommends the "creation of a large democratic federation of southern Slavs. This federation, which, of necessity, would include Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, must also include a non-Slavic neighbor, Albania. The inclusion of Albania in such a federation would afford a solution to the major problems which have beset Albania for many centuries."

The neo-cons have obviously dusted off the old CIA proposal for a "southern Slavic-Albanian" federation but with a major change: it is the Albanians who will drive the Slavic populations into a Greater Albania, not a significant non-Slavic Albanian minority being part of a larger southern Slavic federation. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama expressed his pride in the Albanian football team that irked Serbia when they displayed a flag showing a map of "Greater Albania" during a match with the Serbian team in Belgrade, the Serbian capital. The flag was carried by a drone that was flown over the stadium's field. The drone was operated by
Olsi Rama, the brother of the Albanian prime minister. The map showing Greater Albania also included parts of northwestern Greece (Epirus regions of Thesprotia and Preveza), in addition to regions of Serbia (Presovo Valley), Macedonia, and Montenegro. The same map appeared on Rama's prime minister's office website. It was removed after a protest was filed by Serbia.

Albanian nationalist leader Koco Danaj, said from Tirana, that the Kumanovo incident was the fault of Gruevski, who Danaj likened to Adolf Hitler. Danaj is the leader of an Albanian nationalist group called "Platform for Natural Albania," which has adherents in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Macedonia who want to create a "Greater Albania." Danaj indicated that he has allies in Pristina, Skopje, and Ulcinj, the latter the major Albanian center in Montenegro, who stand ready to bring about a Greater Albania.

Rama also stated that one way for Kosovo to enter the European Union would be for it to unite with Albania, which is a candidate for EU membership in 2020. Such an act would also bring Kosovo into NATO since Albania is already a member of the Western military pact. Neither Serbia, Russia, nor Greece recognize the independence of Kosovo and they all condemned Rama's comment. Albania has been agitating for a Greater Albania for quite some time. At the Davos Economic Forum in 2001,
Albanian President Rexhep Meidani refused to comment after he was asked whether his government had plans to create a Greater Albania.

One reason for the neo-con support for Greater Albania is to curtail the Russian "Turkish Stream" pipeline that is designed to transport natural gas from Siberia through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, and Serbia into Hungary. The Turkish Stream pipeline is the sucecssor to the ill-fated South Stream pipeline that was killed by NATO pressure on Bulgaria. Hochstein recently warned Greece against participating in the project and Croatia's former NATO official president, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, has recently made Albanian-style claims on Serbian territory. That, coupled with the obvious disruptive use of "micronations" -- Libor and Enclava on the Croatian-Serbian and Enclava on the Croatian-Slovenian border -- by George Soros operatives in concert with the "color revolution" agitation of the Gene Sharp-inspired head of the group CANVAS,
Srdja Popovic, in Macedonia, indicates that the neo-cons, Soros operatives, and their fellow travelers are implementing a full-court press on the Balkans to achieve the CIA's old goal of a pro-NATO South Balkans federation dominated by a Greater Albania.

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