June 1-2, 2015 -- New York -- ISIL as a Western-Gulf states-Turkish construct gaining attention

publication date: Jun 1, 2015
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June 1-2, 2015 -- New York -- ISIL as a Western-Gulf states-Turkish construct gaining attention 

The U.S./Blackwater-trained former commander of the Tajikistan special forces is now a top Islamic State field commander. 

This revelation follows close on the heels of the declassification of an August 5, 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency report that describes early U.S., NATO, Israeli, Saudi, and Turkish support for the Salafists, Al Qaeda in Iraq (which became the Islamic State), and the Muslim Brotherhood as the only alternative to the Bashar Al Assad government in Syria. The U.S. and Western/Gulf Arab support for the Islamic State was the subject of a panel at the Left Forum at the John Jay School of Criminal Justice in New York on May 31. 

This editor spoke on the panel along with Ray McGovern and Webster Tarpley. The subject engendered a spirited debate among the audience, especially with regard to Israeli support for Islamic State jihadists and Israeli dominance of U.S. foreign policy. Unfortunately, some comments at the panel were not directed against Israel or Zionists but against those of the Jewish faith or cultural background. Many of those opposed to Zionist and neocon influence over the U.S. in the audience are Jewish and the anti-Semitic comments made were rude and insensitive to those who were in total agreement with the gist of the panel, namely that the West, Israel, the Saudis, and Turks are the true backers of the Islamic State in an effort to destabilize Syria, Iraq, and ultimately, Iran and Russia. 

The editor strongly dissociates himself from the unacceptably harsh comments made by the session chair about Jews in general and gratuitously anti-Semitic phrases such as "evil Jews," in particular. Speaking for myself, the comments were embarrassing and although I cannot speak for my fellow panelists, I am sure they would agree. That sort of talk has no place in public discourse on the very important subject of Western support for jihadist terrorist groups. 
One can legitimately criticize the political actions of Israel without alienating Jews as a people, many of whom understand the perfidy of the Israeli government and its American neocon boosters.

All in all, the session on the Islamic State and its Western support saw an overflow crowd and was an important contribution to public awareness of the issue. But the debate must be kept within the bounds of decency. 

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