November 1-2, 2016 -- Guest article -- Anders Behring Breivik – less mass murderer, more Walter Mitty

publication date: Oct 31, 2016
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November 1-2, 2016 -- Guest article -- Anders Behring Breivik – less mass murderer, more Walter Mitty

By Moeen Raoof

Anders Behring Breivik claims to have procured ingredients for a 950-kgs crude bomb and built it from scratch without it going off. He neither tested it to see if it would actually work and ensuring that it was stable for transportation. Breivik dressed up on the morning of July 22, 2011, kitted-out with high powered rifles, thousands of bullets, nerves of steel, and drove to the government district in Oslo, the Norwegian capital. He calmly parked the vehicle, walked away fully-armed and dressed as a policeman, went on to steal a vehicle to drive northwest of Oslo, toward Utoya Island, where Norwegian youth and members of Norway’s Workers’ Youth League were holding their annual seminar. Anders Breivik would cross by boat to the Island armed with two rifles and  three pistols, 6500 rounds of ammunition. He landed on the Island and proceeded to shoot and kill 69 innocents. Breivik then calmly called the police to turn himself in and after a few hours, negotiated his own peaceful surrender.


Anders Behring Breivick_Self-styled avenger or useful idiot_Norway

In Oslo,  eight people lost their lives as a result of the vehicle-borne bomb. On Utoya Island, 69 people were murdered as a result of gun shot wounds. Five people were non-Caucasian Norwegians. The remainder were mostly blond blue eyed persons, this, despite Breivik declaring in his manifesto, 2083: A European Declaration of Independence, that he was opposed to “Islam” and cultural Marxism as the enemies of the “White Race.” Breivik called for the forced deportation of all non-Caucasians from Europe and North America.

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Breivik, at the opening of his trial in Oslo, gave a “Nazi” salute and stated during the proceedings that he regretted he had not succeeded in killing more persons. He was sentenced by the court to a 21-year prison sentence after being found guilty of killing of 77 and injuring 300 people.

Breivick_Mar 2016_Norway

Up to this point in his life, Anders Behring Breivik had not served a day in the military, but was, in 2011, a self-declared expert in the best-selling first-person action game of all-time, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Breivik also claimed to be an expert bomb maker, military tactician, and logistician. This man should have been be a full bird colonel and a senior operational and tactical advisor at NATO, based on his claims and declarations. 

Image result

This is really a fantasy. Mr Breivik is the Norwegian Walter Mitty. He did not build the bomb. It was built by an expert ex-Army ordnance bomb maker. Breivik did not carry out the killings on Utoya on his own. This is why he is still breathing. Like Lee Harvey Oswald, Breivik is a "patsy" with multiple of "grassy knolls" to be found on Utoya. The real shooters got away and are probably dead now, leaving nothing to chance, not even a "Jack Ruby" to finish off Breivik, because this type of thing just doesn't happen in Scandinavia.

This is an elaborate cover-up by the Norwegian government. Norwegians are asked to believe that Breivik built a bomb and transported it to the center of Oslo without knowing whether it was viable and stable. Yet, the world has accepted that a total amateur could carry-out such a feat on his own without any assistance whatsoever.

Studies of the blast effect, claimed by Breivik to be from a fertilizer-fuel mix bomb, in the area around the government buildings, show that this type of bomb could not have caused the damage as seen in the picture below. It is conceivable that Breivik did not know what type of bomb he was seen on CCTV delivering in a white van that day.


Image result for oslo bomb

On Utoya Island, after covering a distance from Oslo of approximately 24 miles in a stolen car, and including crossing the lake by boat in full police uniform, weapons, ammunition, and spare weapons, Breivik landed on the Island and, according to reports, started shooting immediately. Victims were mostly young people and staff at the resort who were catering to the members of the Labor youth group. According to some reports, there were  three shooters carrying out executions on different parts of the Island, with their faces fully covered by a tactical type helmets and dark visors. Two shooters must have departed the Island after carrying out most of the killing, leaving Breivik to claim he was the lone gunman.

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Even a highly trained special forces Team of 20 men would require dozens of logistical troops to provide support for this type of operation, which in military terms was a success in its execution (no pun intended). If this was a "Muslim," the conclusions would have been that this was a major operation planned, trained for, and financed in the border areas of Afghanistan/Pakistan: a Salafist-Al Qaeda-Taliban-Shia-Sunni-Donald Duck-inspired operation.

What is factual is that Breivik displayed extremist tendencies from a very early age due to mentally-related issues, said to be inherited from his mother who was also reported to have mental problems. Breivik is a simpleton who was easily swayed, had a level of coherency in his speech but lacked friends. As such, anyone who was willing to give Breivik any attention was able to steer him in any direction. Breivik has particular issues with his sexuality, he is reported to have experimented with another male, a Turkish man, during a visit to Hamburg, Germany, in his earlier years. Breivik was said to have fallen in love and later rebuffed by this “lover.” Breivik then sought alliances with far right Groups and was alerted to a group operating in Germany that went on Turkish-bashing expeditions, including in Hamburg. During one of these trips, he met with a serving British soldier who took part in the far-right Turkish bashing incidents in Germany.

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During this period, Breivik came into prominence in Oslo, where he professed his hatred of foreigners and boasted of his Turkish-bashing trips to Germany. He would tell anyone who cared to listen of his dislike of dark-skinned Muslims. Breivik came to the attention of a Jewish group, Chabad Lubavitch, who started to finance his far-right activities. Breivik was invited to visit Chabad Lubavitch in Germany, where he renewed his acquaintance with the British soldier he had earlier met in Hamburg. The soldier, known as “Steve,” came from Poplar in London, a known far-right area, where three out of four residents claimed to be members of the National Front, a far- right British extremist group.

Years later, Breivik was invited to London to attend an English Defence League (EDL) meeting by Steve, now an ex-soldier and unemployed. Steve was an explosives technician with the Royal Engineers when he was in the Army Steve was also an active member of the EDL. Breivik is said to have introduced his ex-Army friend to the Chabad Lubavitch group in London. After this, Steve was, all of a sudden, in possession of new cars and clothes and buying presents for his mates, family, and friends, despite not having a job -- other than his volunteer activities with the EDL.

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You decide. Is Anders Behring Breivik a military genius or a Walter Mitty character? The peoples' jury is still out on this one . . .


Editor's note: The prime minister at the time of the terrorist attacks in Norway was Jens Stoltenberg, the leader of the Norwegian Labor Party that had lost an entire generation of future leaders on Utoya. There remain a number of questions about Stoltenberg's own role, including an obvious security stand-down, in the worst terrorist attack in Norwegian history. Rather than working at his office in Oslo in his usual fashion, Stoltenberg decided to remain at home the day of the attack. Stoltenberg must have been clairvoyant, since the downtown bomb tore through the building where his office was located. Stoltenberg was also planning to be on Utoya later that day, but somehow was promoted to schedule his appearance to a time that was after the attack. Forty-eight hours before the attack, Oslo police conducted a terrorist bomb exercise, near the Oslo Opera House.

Stoltenberg defied tradition by being named the second Scandinavian Secretary General of NATO, following the pro-war Dane, Anders Fogh Rasmussen. In fact, Stoltenberg has been even more aggressive as the NATO chief than his neo-conservative predecessor. Stoltenberg benefited from a tremendous sympathy factor after the Oslo/Utoya massacres, something that helped him being chosen as the NATO leader. Cui bono?




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