publication date: Nov 25, 2023
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Germans Shoot 10 Paris Hostages,
But Two More Nazis Are Fired On


VICHY, France, Sept. 16—Several
sensational developments in the
tense internal situation of France
were made public here today. The
German military authorities an-
nounced the names of ten hostages
‘who had been executed in reprisal
for acts of terrorism against the
German troops of occupation and
‘reports were received of two more
attempted shootings on the streets
‘of Paris.

Senator Marcel Cachin, who
since the World War has been the
recognized head of communism in
France, has been sought out in his
retirement and been imprisoned by
the occupying authorities.

Marshal Henri Philippe Pétain
announced the release of twenty-
two union labor leaders confined
throughout this war in concentra-
tion camps as an act of social jus-
tice and conciliation.

At least twenty serious sentences
for Communist propaganda were
delivered at Amiens, Marseille and

The son of Colonel Alfred Heur-
teaux, ‘vice president of Marshal
Pétain’s recently formed French
Legion, which has become the party
behind the new regime, was kid-
napped in Paris by unknown per-~
sons. This Iatter act will arouse
immense feeling in the free zone of
France, for Colonel Heurteaux has
just come into particular promi-
nence among the supporters of the
Pétain government. He is one of
the leading ace aviators of the
present war and the father of ten
children, which adds to his prestige
‘at the moment when French policy
is being concentrated upon the
glorification of the family.

It is important, too, to note that
‘the French Legion is not authorized
‘in the occupied zone, where the
kidnapping took place.

Executions Now Total 18

Up to the present only eight ex-
ecutions had been announced by
the German authorities, three per-
sons convicted of espionage and
five Communists. There is no in-
dication of the personalities of the
ten hostages whose names were is-
sued today.

The arrest of Senator Cachin
was reported here last Friday, but
it was not permitted to be men-
tioned pending official confirma-
tion. That confirmation appeared
in the press tonight. Senator
Cachin, who is well over 70 years
of age, had been in retirement;
since the outbreak of the war in
1939 and the suppression of the
Communist party. He had for
years been director of the party
organ Humanité and for years had
been the leader of the small Com-
munist group in the Chamber of

Jacques Doriot, for years Sena-
tor Caghin’s principal collaborator,
having renounced communism and
formed his own party, has just left
for Poland with the first contingent
of volunteers to combat bolshevism.

The New JYork Times

Published: September 17, 1941


Contends in Chicago Speech
Nazi Rule Will End and We
Can Stabilize Peace


CHICAGO, Sept. 16—Herbert
Hoover predicted tonight the col-
lapse of the Hitler regime, even
though the Nazis suffer no military
defeat, and at the same time urged
a course which, he said, would lead
‘to national unity. He spoke from
‘Chicago in an address over the
Columbia Broadcasting System.

Neither isolation nor intervention
‘is possible or wise, he said, “and
we should preserve our strength,
that, unexhausted, we may give
real aid to reconstruction and
stabilizing of peace when Hitler
collapses of his own overreaching.”

The former President said he ad-
vocated an impregnable defense for
this country, no more name calling,
a minimum interference with eco-
nomic freedom by preparedness
policies, the giving of aid to the
democracies alone, the halting of
provocative steps which might lead
to war, and no taking of war-like
steps or agreements without the
consent of Congress.

Says Dangers Are Passing

“A cold survey of the world situ-
ation will show that the dangers
of ultimate totalitarian success are
very much less than even ten
weeks ago,” he said.

“The fratricidal war between
Hitler and Stalin is daily weaken-
ing both dictators. Hitler may
gain from Russia some supplies,
but he now faces all the rest of Eu-
rope exhausted of its pre-war
atucks of food and material.

“He has kindled behind him a
consuming fire of hate; his king-
dom cannot live even though he
hag no military defeat on the Con-

Mr. Hoover then said that Eng-
land was daily growing more im-
pregnable to attack, that the West-
ern Hemisphere cannot be stormed
by Hitler and that “under any
American policy, in either Europe
or Japan, if we have common sense
we will concentrate upon building
our production, give Britain her
tools and await developments both
east and west.”

“President Roosevelt,” he said,
“is right in his protest at sinking
American merchant ships without
adequate protection to the crews,
even though they were all carrying

“But the President's policy of
edging our warships into danger
zones, of sending American mer-
chant ships with contraband raises
the most critical of all questions.
These steps to war are unapproved
and undeclared by Congress. That
is not in accord with the spirit of
representative government, and it
should be remembered that these
incidents are the consequence of
violating the spirit of the Neu-
trality Act.

“There are other ways than
going into this war, to secure rep-
aration for transgression of our
just rights and respect for them.”

Mr. Hoover spoke of the ‘four
freedoms’ and said that freedom of
speech and expression, and a fifth
freedom — economic freedom — al-
ready are in danger in this country.

Underfed, underhoused, under-
clothed and undereducated people
are the inevitable product of war,
he said.

His Bases of Foregin Policy

He summed up the bases on
which he thought American policy
should be predicated, as follows:

“1. If we prepare we cannot be
invaded nor our economic life be
dangerously impaired.’

“2. England can prevent inva-
sion of her shores if we give her
the tools, and even warships, with-
out our sending our boys to death,
either on ships or land.

“3. Hitler is on_the way to he
crushed by the vicious forces with-
in his own regime.

“4. We have proved by bitter ex-
perience that it is a futility for us
to try to impose freedom and jus-
fice upon the world by war,

“3. The ideas and ideals of the,
West can grow and spread
abroad by our demonstration in our
own country. They will die in the
world if the freedoms shall become
weakened or die in America.

“6. To send our sons into this
war must also be weighed in the
scales of future America. Should
we not weigh in this scale the dead
and maimed? Should we not weigh
the one-third of underfed, under-
nourished, underhoused, underedu-
cated Americans for another gen-
eration that will be inevitable?

Should we not weigh the loss of
our own freedoms?

Calls for “Constructive Policy”

“And where do these faacts, rea-
sons and conclusions point?

“What is the constructive policy
for America? Is it isolation? Is it
intervention? Neither is possible.
Neither is wisdom.

“We must have impregnable de-
fense. This defense must include
the other twenty nations in the
Western Hemisphere. That is not

“We must give the tools of de-
fense to the democracies. That is
not isolation.

“We should reserve our strength
that unexhausted we may give real
ald to reconstruction and stabiliz-
ing of peace when Hitler collapses
of his own overreaching. That is
neither isolation nor intervention.

“We can do our greatest service
fo civilization by strengthening
here in the Western Hemisphere
free institutions and free men and
women. That is not isolation. It
is a service to all mankind.

“But to send our boys out to
kill. That is intervention.
“We hear much urging to na-
tional unity. We could easily get

“If we stopped calling names.

“If we directed our preparedness
policies to the minimum interfer-
ence with economic freedom.

“If we gave aid to democracies
alone of Europe and Asia and gave
it generously.

“If we stopped provocative steps
that may take our sons into war.

“If no warlike step be taken and
no agreement be made that is not
submitted to the Congress. If the
Congress decides for war then .we
accept it.

“I believe real unity can be had
among the American people in
these proposals.

“Let us never forget we came
over the ocean to this oasis of lib-
erty. We extended this oasis great-
ly by mighty streams of freedom.

“They were dug and builded by the
toil of our fathers and defended
with their blood. Are we now to
march out into the desert of Eu-
ropean war and see the wells of
freedom dried up behind us?”

Broadcast by Berlin and Rome

Although former President Hoo-
ver did not speak in Chicago until
10:15 P. M., Eastern daylight time,
last night, Berlin and Rome broad-
cast brief versions of what he had
to say at 6:30 and 5:15 P, M., East-
ern daylight time, respectively.
The broadcasts were reported by
Columbia Broadcasting System’s
short-wave listening station.

Berlin said at 6:30 o'clock:

“The former United States Pres-
ident, Hoover, declared in a radio
speech that Roosevelt had caused
the incidents, the bombardment of
the - U. S. A. warships and the
seizing of United States merchant
ships, by having jeopardized the
spirit of the Neutrality Act.

“The U. S. A. Navy had received
the order to shoot. Nobody will
deny, Mr. Hoover said, that if the
U. S. A. continued this policy it
would mean war.

“The entry of the United States
into the war, however, could be
sanctioned by Congress only.”

Rome said at 5:15 o'clock:

“Mr. Hoover, the former Presi-
dent of the United States, has
broadcast a speech in the course
of which he declared that Presi-
dent Roosevelt's policy of sending
American warships to danger zones
and of supplying one of the bel-
ligerent parties with war material
leads directly to war. Mr. Hoover
also declared that the President's
policy has not been approved by
Congress and is in opposition to
the spirit of a representative gov-

The New Jork Times

Published: September 17, 1941


Military recovers bodies of two Israeli
hostages in area of Gaza’s Shifa

Yehudit Weiss was undergoing
cancer treatment at time of Oct. 7
attack, when her husband was
murdered; Cpl. Noa Marciano
served at overrun IDF base,
her death was confirmed Monday

16 November 2023

The bodies of two Israeli hostages
abducted by Hamas on October 7
were recovered Thursday by the
Israel Defense Forces from the
area of Shifa Hospital in the
Gaza Strip, the military said.

On Thursday evening, the
Israel Defense Forces said
troops had located the body
of Yehudit Weiss in a building
near the medical center’s
compound. On Friday morning,
the IDF said it had also
recovered the body of Cpl.
Noa Marciano a day earlier
from another building
adjacent to Shifa, three
days after announcing she
had been killed in Hamas

The IDF said troops from the
7th Armored Brigade’s 603rd
Battalion found Weiss’s body,
along with military equipment,
including assault rifles and
RPGs, belonging to the
Hamas terrorists who had
held her captive.

“To our sorrow, Yehudit was
murdered by the terrorists
in the Gaza Strip. And we
didn’t get to her in time,”
IDF Spokesman Rear Adm.
Daniel Hagari said in his
daily press briefing on
Thursday evening. He
did not specify when
she was killed.

Her body was brought
into Israel for identification,
following which the military
and police notified Weiss’s
family of her death.

Weiss, 65, a mother of five,
was abducted from Kibbutz
Be’eri on October 7, when
thousands of Hamas terrorists
streamed into Israel, murdering
at least 1,200 people and
taking some 240 hostages.
Her husband, Shmulik,
was found murdered in the
safe room of their home
a week and a half after the attack.

Sending its “heartfelt condolences
to the family,” the IDF
stressed in a statement that
“the national mission… is to
locate the missing and
return the hostages home.”

Weiss, a retiree who worked
with kindergarten children
and in the kibbutz dining
room, was being treated
with radiation for breast
cancer when she was kidnapped.

“The IDF is operating alongside
and in full coordination
with the relevant national
and security institutions
in order to pursue these
tasks. We will not cease
from the mission until it
will be completed,” the statement

Marciano’s body was
recovered by troops from
the same battalion, following
intelligence information
provided by the Shin Bet
security agency. Her body
was then brought to Israel
for identification.

Marciano, 19, of the
Combat Intelligence Collection
Corps 414th unit, was serving
at the Nahal Oz IDF base
when it was overrun by
terrorists during their
murderous onslaught
on southern Israel on
October 7. She lived in
Modiin and was the
oldest of three siblings.

Her funeral was held on
Friday. In her eulogy,
Noa’s mother, Adi,
apologized to her
daughter for being
unable to return her home.

“We tried everything for
40 days. We turned over
every stone and climbed
every tree,” she said.
“You protected us, and
we didn’t protect you.”

She recalled her daughter
being a “girl of music and
literature, a girl of
dimples and smiles,
a girl of love,” who wanted
to serve her country.

Noa’s father said he had
been confronted with the
question “What do you need?”
over the past few weeks.

“I answered that I have
everything, and yet I have
nothing. I don’t have joy or
comfort. Now I have an
angel named Noa. I promise
you that the way you
wanted to lead, we will
carry on and not stop.
I thank you for being
a perfect girl. We love
you endlessly and will
never forget you,” he said.

Yuval, Noa’s sister, lamented
that she had bought a
birthday present for her,
which was “waiting in
your room, in wrapping.”

“I am proud of you,
I am happy you cared,
that you did what was
good for you, that you
danced, sang, and you
fulfilled yourself like
there was no tomorrow.”

On Monday evening,
Hamas published a propaganda
video of Marciano, showing
her speaking to the
camera four days after
being taken hostage,
identifying herself and
reciting the names of her
parents and her hometown.
The video then cut to showing
her body.

Weiss and Marciano are
the first two abductees known
to have died in captivity.

In an interview with Channel 12
after they were told of her death,
Weiss’s family members appealed
to officials to bring home the
rest of the captives being held
by terror groups in Gaza.

“It’s important for us to say
that we fought, we battled
in every possible way to bring
mom, grandma Yehudit home,”
her daughter Zemer said.
“For us, it is too late, but
it is important for us to
support all the families of
the hostages, and to tell
the world, bring them
home now, so that for
them it is not too late,
like it was for us.”

Her son Ohad added that
they had “hope, a lot of
hope, that she would
come home. We wished,
we hoped, and sadly
for us, it is too late, but
maybe for the other
families it isn’t.

“We wish for the
return of everyone,
all of them, children,
soldiers and adults.
We love them all and
fear for them all,” he added.

Her children said that
they only just completed
the 30-day mourning
period for their father
when they received the
news about their mother’s death.

Earlier, family members
of those missing and held
captive in Gaza walked
alongside hundreds of
Israelis on the third day
of a march from Tel Aviv
to the Prime Minister’s
Office in Jerusalem,
which they plan to
reach on Saturday afternoon.

The families reached Modiin,
where they paid a condolence
call to the Marciano family.

Published by: The Times of Israel
November 16, 2023

Trump says US sends too many
weapons to Ukraine, refuses to call
Putin war criminal

by The Kyiv Independent news desk

May 11, 2023

Former U.S. President Donald Trump
said at CNN's town hall that he would
not commit to providing Ukraine
with defense assistance if he won the
2024 election.

"We're giving away so much
equipment, we don't have
ammunition for ourselves right
now," Trump said, as cited by
CNN. He also refused to say
who he thinks should win
Russia's war against Ukraine,
telling the voters instead that
he wants "everybody to stop dying."

At the New Hampshire event,
the ex-president said he doesn't
"think in terms of winning
and losing" but rather
"in terms of getting it settled
so we stop killing all these
people." Trump added he
would stop Russia's war
"in 24 hours" if re-elected.

When asked if he considered
Russian dictator Vladimir Putin
a war criminal, Trump replied
that it "should be discussed later."

"If you say he's a war criminal,
it's going to be a lot tougher to
make a deal to make this thing
stopped," Trump told the
audience, according to CNN.
"If he's going to be a war
criminal, people are going to
grab him and execute him,
he's going to fight a lot harder
than he's fighting under the
other circumstances."

In March, the International
Criminal Court issued arrest
warrants for Putin and
Maria Lvova-Belova,
the Russian official overseeing
the forced deportations of
thousands of Ukrainian
children to Russia.

This is not the first time
Trump has made controversial
comments on Russia's war
against Ukraine and Putin,
in particular.

Regarding his time in office,
Trump said he "got along
with (Putin) great" during
an interview with Fox News
in early March, adding that
if he'd still been president,
Putin likely wouldn't have
invaded Ukraine.

"I could have negotiated,"
Trump continued. "At worst,
I could've made a deal to take
over something, there are
certain areas that are
Russian-speaking areas,
frankly, but you could've worked
a deal."

Trump's future in politics
remains uncertain due
to his recent indictment over
a "hush money" scandal
and a jury verdict that he
is civilly liable for sexually
assaulting a woman.
Trump announced his
plan to seek a second
non-consecutive term as
president in November 2022.

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