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United States                            Body of longtime San Francisco-based journalist and radio personality Ray Taliaferro found in wooded area in Paducah, Kentucky. Taliaferro was known for his progressive views. In Trump's America and post-Annapolis, foul play must be assumed before anything else.
Three USA's envisaged: the Blue Federation, the Red Federation and the Neutral Federation. Easier spelled out on paper than in practice.  Getting rid of Fox News and the NRA may unite the nation, rather than divide it.
Trump selects former Fox & Friends co-host Heather Nauert to be U.S. ambassador to the UN. Who's next? Pee Wee Herman to be ambassador to North Korea?
Vice Adm. Scott Stearney, commander of US Navy Fifth Fleet, found dead in home in Bahrain. The Bahraini Ministry of Interior is assisting in the investigation. Since Bahrain is a Saudi vassal state, this is the same as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman conducting the investigation.
Trump's jaded views of World Wars I and II. Fails to pay respects to America's KIAs by the Kaiser's troops and believes Nazis are "fine people."
Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon want to create a white homeland for Christian evangelicals. Go ahead, so the US military can carry out air strike practice on live targets.
Canada Canada facing its own neo-Nazi surge. The grandchildren of World War II have forgotten why it was fought.
Latin America & Caribbean Duque faces protests, party revolt. Right-wing campaign promises never come about. Sounds familiar.
National Assembly of Belize pays homage to Fidel Castro. Marks second anniversary of Castro's death.
Pro-Trump, anti-China Foreign Minister appointed in Brazil. Ernesto Araujo is also anti-Muslim.
Death squads back in action in Argentina. Anti-Macri journalist and lawyer found dead.
Bolton to meet Bolsonaro in Rio. Like-minded fascists attract.
Bolsonaro family a mirror image of Trump's. Fascist families now in charge of the two largest Western Hemisphere economies.
Cuban doctors return home after expulsion by Brazil's new Nazi president. Bolsonaro now can't fund replacements for thousands of doctors. He can call it "BolsonaroCare."
Europe Bannon at Oxford in UK stirring up Brexit passions. Bannon is a "fat Hitler" traveling through Europe bolstering fascism. Who pays his freight?
Catalan president calls for a Slovenian-style path to independence. Madrid sees comment as call for insurrection.
EU special status nations and territories show the way for Northern Ireland. Post-Brexit answer already exists.
Swiss want break from EU treaties. Referendum could break with Swiss adherence to EU rules.

Middle East & Central Asia
CIA concludes Mohammed bin Salman ordered Khashoggi's murder. That's why the second word in CIA is "Intelligence." Duh!
Australia recognizes west Jerusalem as capital of Israel. Embassy in Tel Aviv to stay put, for now.
Falling out between Erdogan and Soros. Soros activities to end in Turkey.
Sultan of Mahra and Socotra wants UAE troops out of Socotra. Says mainland civil war is not on Socotra and he wants it kept that way.
South Asia & Indian Ocean Modi visits Maldives as island nation pivots to India from China. China gains ground with ally now in charge of Sri Lanka.
India holds naval exercise with Sri Lanka and Maldives. Seen as countering Chinese influence in region.
Macron dispatches troops to Reunion to quell anti-fuel price riots. Rioting spread from French mainland.
Oral Roberts University graduate attempted to convert uncontacted tribe in North Sentinel Islands. Instead, the tribe killed him and buried his body on the beach. No sympathy for someone bringing prosperity gospel nonsense and disease to unmolested tribes people.
East Asia Duterte recognizes Chinese control of South China Sea. Wants U.S.-led military drills called off.
Taiwan pro-independence party defeated in municipal elections. Pro-cross-strait Nationalists score gains.
Taiwan votes on name of Olympics team. Change from "Chinese Taipei" to Taiwan may result in Olympics ban.
Africa UN lifts sanctions on Eritrea. Arms embargo also lifted. Music to Erik Prince's ears.
Comoros withdraws Kosovo recognition. Revocation joined by Grenada, Suriname, Dominica, Liberia, Sao Tome and Principe, Papua New Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Burundi, and Lesotho.
Polar region & remote islands Albatrosses to spy on illegal fishing off Crozet, Kerguelen and Amsterdam. French Navy fitting birds with transceiver devices.
South Pacific/Oceania Pence says U.S. will join Papua New Guinea and Australia in building Lombrum Naval Base on Manus island. Pence gearing up for his "bible's" prediction of a war with the "yellow race" (China). 
China grants $6.8 million aid package to Cook Islands. China's Belt and Road Initiative comes to islands.

Arson attack on nickel mine in Kanaky-New Caledonia. The Kanaks know who influenced the "no" vote on independence.

Fiji PM Frank Bainimarama re-elected to second term. Questions raised about fairness of election.

Final Frontier
Super-Earth found just 6 light years away. Planet orbits Barnard's Star.
Lasers to attract intelligent alien life to Earth. This never has a happy ending in the movies.

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